Xml Orientend Gcc AST ANalyzer

XOgastan means: XML-Oriented Gcc Abstract Syntax Tree ANalyzer. Wahoo, it's a very long name ! Yes, this is a very long name but the interpretation is very simple. The name is composed of three parts: XML Oriented, Gcc Abstract Syntax Tree, ANalyzer. The first part, XML Oriented, gives us information about the technology XOgastan uses: the XML technology. The second part, Gcc Abstract Syntax Tree, gives us information about the fact that XOgastan interacts with the output file of gcc. More precisely, it uses the file produced by gcc that contains the ast of a C program. This dumped file, before the use by XOgastan, is translated into an intermediate XML representation. The third part, ANalyzer, gives us information about the purpose of XOgastan: it helps to analyze the gcc dumped file.

We can tell:

"XOgastan is an API that allow to write programs that takes in input the file containing the ast generated by gcc, and to analyzes this file. The program based on XOGastan API can collect a set of information about the generic C program represented by the AST. The analysis and the results are format and can be presented by using the XML technology."

dedicated to my wife