Xml Orientend Gcc AST ANalyzer

Current version of XOGastan is an API. You can download it and compile to get library libxogastan.so. This library can be used to be link with your own code.

XOGastan package contains a translator wrote using some perl scripts. These scripts allow you to traslate file dumped by gcc in an XML format (gxl dtd).

XOGastan package's tree is:
|-- data      contains some data
|-- doc       contains documentation
|-- example   contains example of use of libxogastan
|-- gcc2gxl   contains perl translator
|-- include   contains header files
|-- lib       contains library
|-- obj       contains object files
|-- script    contains scripts
|-- src       contains source file of XOGastan
|-- test      contains test files
`-- treev     contains an application that use XOGastan

You can find current release of XOGastan here